What's the point of organizing?

April 13, 2018


Organization creates success. Writing down information makes the brain feel less stressed and the process becomes manageable and easier. When you organize, everything you need is one place, so you don't have to search over and over again. My College Planner does the organizing for you! Buy it here or find My College Planner on Amazon.com.


What goes in My College Planner? Your research about colleges goes in the College Comparison Chart.
Fill in the charts with ideas about majors, minors, essay topics, and more. There's space for passwords, usernames, and website addresses. Important dates for the application process go in the included six month calendar. Take My College Planner to college fairs and meetings with counselors so you can take notes. Add to the planner over time and stop endless searching!

Applying to college is a process. Don't rush through it. Be prepared and organized. My College Planner, the only organizer designed for the college application process, includes a sample essay and resume, a glossary of key terms, tips to get in the school you want, guidance, advice, and much more!

The college application process typically takes 6 to 9 months, during Senior year (or Junior and Senior year) of high school. The majority of application deadlines fall between November and March, so that's when you will be the busiest with college applications. Some schools have earlier deadlines, and many schools have later deadlines or "rolling admissions"-- no deadline. For adult students, the process is much faster. You might not need standardized test scores as an adult going to college, but you will need to have transcripts sent. Request these from your previous schools (high school or college) directly.

My College Planner includes a blank six-month calendar where you can add application deadlines, and also exams, SAT or ACT test dates, and homework. Add social events, holidays, and family events, so that you have time to enjoy your high school years! Students who use My College Planner enjoy the college application process because it is manageable and easy.

“My College Planner is the perfect way to keep all of my important information organized-- passwords, deadlines, school requirements, and it is even has samples to guide you through this complicated process.”
-- Simone, student





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