My College Planner is a workbook with a sample essay, sample resume, College Comparison Chart, tips, advice, and guidance for the college application process. Keep track of important dates, manage your to-do list, and hit submit stress-free!

Listen to our interview with Zoya, a student at Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida, here.

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“I was so confused about where I should apply. There were just too many choices. Finally, I was able to pick some great schools that I was excited to apply to; writing them down side-by-side in the College Comparison Chart made the right schools just pop out!” -- Claire, Florida State University

MY COLLEGE PLANNER manages the college application process so you can reduce stress, apply early, and get into your dream school.

  • Sample essay and resume included.

  • Glossary, tips, advice, and a calendar included.

  • My College Planner makes applying to college easy!


My College Planner grew out of more than a decade of helping students choose, prepare for, and apply for college. The workbook answers your basic questions about the college application process, and offers tips and guidance for students and families.


This Year’s Top My College Planner Students

MARCH 2018

This year, we spotlight the Juniors who are already filling in the College Comparison Chart and entering deadlines in My College Planner's 6-month calendar. These kids are going to have a pretty stress-free Senior year. Well, at least their college apps will be stress free!

My College Planner receives high praise from users


Students and parents report that My College Planner "makes the process easy", helps them keep "everything in one place", and "gives tips and examples" they need.

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